About us


Helping you with the right coating solutions

Defense Coatings Solutions was founded in 2014. Its founder has 24 years of experience with different coating manufacturers and related products. We started as a distributor of cleaning solutions to remove graffiti. Not long afterwards, we quickly realized that our customers needed something new and better. No product was completely filling their requirements until we found Nanokote’s products.



Optimized Industrial Surfaces with Nanotechnology


Nanokote is an innovative nanomaterial-based surface technology developer and manufacturer founded in 2005. The focus of their business is to transform the physical properties of concrete, metal, glass and sanitary ware surfaces by applying specialized coatings that are designed for very specific purposes. Through ongoing product innovation, R&D and testing, Nanokote pursues ways to optimize protection of industrial surfaces from wear and weathering plus enhance serviceability. We are proud to be their Exclusive Canadian distributor.

Key features found in Nanokote coatings




Improved durability and aesthetic

Scratch resistance


Solutions that realize preservation of assets for longer to maximize service life and ROI.

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