Products and Applications

Are you looking for innovative ways to modify, enhance, protect to improve the durability or functionality of your products or industrial structures? While it is obvious that the physical properties of concrete, glass, metal and ceramics are different when compared to each other, so too must the solution be for improving each respective surface. Therefore, you need to invest in innovative coating technology. Our team of nanotechnology experts have formulated, tested and developed a series of multifunctional coating systems to accommodate the niche requirements of specific surface types. See our range of protection coatings that are optimized for concrete, glass, metal and ceramic sanitary ware.

Coating solutions for every surfaces

Aluminum & Stainless steel


Exceptional corrosion protection

Extreme chemical and abrasion resistance

Low cost alternatives to PVDF

Hydrophobic properties

Anti-graffiti capabilities


Anti-corrosion and optimal concrete protection



Anti-fingerprint properties


Wipe on or spray application

Extremely durable

Matte or gloss finish


Cures at room temperature

Add Value and Protect your Assets

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